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  1. Registrieren Sie jetzt Ihre Marke und verwenden Sie das Trademark Zeichen. Alle Leistungen zum Festpreis, ohne Risiko, mit Geld zurück Garanti
  2. Chinese Patent & Trademark ® Protect your brand in Chin
  3. Welcome to China Patent & Trademark Office web site, the online Chinese patent & trademark resource. Top online China Patent and China Trademark searching are available on this web site. The instant results save your time and screen out any unavailable patent or trademarks before further investing
  4. Tongda Trademark Service Center was founded in 1993, whose main function is to provide service with Trademark Office. It is a supporting institution in trademark registration with a total staff of 260 (up to October 2009)
  5. istration (CNIPA) Trademark Office. Address. 1 Chama Nanjie, Xichengqu. 100055 Beijing. Telephone. (86 10) 63 21 95 91. Telefax. (86 10) 68 03 78 22
  6. CTMO is a contraction of China Trademark Office

The CNIPA Public Service Website Achieves Great Results after a Year of Operation. Patent and Trademark Pledge Financing in China Gains the Largest Increase in the 13th Five-Year Plan Period. International Cooperation in Order to Facilitate Patent Application In China, assignment of a trademark application or registration needs to be recorded at the Trademark Office in order to claim the ownership of the trademark application/registration Application for renewal of registered trademark shall be filed with the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) within 12 months before the expiration of the period of validity. If no application is filed within said period, a grace period of 6 months is allowed with a payment of a surcharge Generally, it involves the search through the database either at the China Trademark Office or Company's Trademark database. According to China Trademark Classification, it's a quick search engine to determine the identical trademarks which are already registered for any products or services in China that are similar to yours Das Chinesische Patentamt (chinesisch 国家知识产权局, Pinyin Guójiā Zhīshìchǎnquán Jú, englisch State Intellectual Property Office - Staatliche Behörde für Geistiges Eigentum, SIPO) ist das Patentamt der Volksrepublik China.Es wurde 1980 unter dem Namen Patent Office of the People's Republic of China gegründet, dem Vorgänger des SIPO

Once a trademark application has been accepted for processing, the applicant is obliged to request and pay for the publication of an extract of the application through the website of the Official Gazette. If this is not possible, it should be done at the offices of the Official Gazette. The publication process should be completed within 20 working days, counting from the date the application was accepted for processing. If the publication process is not completed by the end of this time. The translations of the texts are as follows: 1. Go to the trademark search section of the Chinese Trademark Office website, the direct link is http://wcjs.sbj. 2. The page that opens is in Chinese, please check the screenshot to the left, it contains the search filters that the... 3. In the next. The China Trademark Office, the China Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, the state AIC and the courts are responsible for recognizing well-known trademarks, while famous marks in China are governed and identified by the local AIC of each province. Recognition that a mark is famous applies only to trademarks registered by local companies or individuals; foreign applicants cannot apply to certify their marks as 'Well-known Mark' in China. For example, the Beijing AIC can only recognize. Easy, step-by-step instructions on how to use Chinese search interfaces without knowledge of Chinese. Click on the links below to download the respective search guides. Number search and document retrieval. CNIPA - Retrieving Chinese documents (PDF, 570 KB) CNIPA - Monitoring Chinese publications by IPC classes (PDF, 710 KB) English machine translatio

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Today's blog post is a step-by-step guide to how to use the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO) database to conduct preliminary trade mark research yourself. Every company, no matter how big or small, has some intellectual property (IP). The most common type of IP right is a trade mark. A trade mark is essential to all kinds of companies, whether you are a producer, distributor or service. Czech Republic Trademark Databases This database contains only valid trademarks filed in the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. The database can be searched by application number, registration, filing date, holder/applicant, etc Madrid System for trademarks. China joined the Madrid System in 1989. It has been the most designated Madrid member since 2012 and became the seventh office of origin in 2014. Madrid applications with China as office of origin; Madrid applications with China as designated office; PATENTSCOPE. Users can conduct searches in this free collection of over 45 million patent documents - including.

Trademark registration services in China. Our attorneys will file and process your trademark application with Chinese Trademark Office. The process starts with a Trademark Search Report and ends once you have your received your Registration Certificate Apply for a Chinese trademark; China is a party to various intellectual property (IP) treaties and a member state of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In addition, its national IP office, China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), participates in various worksharing and other cooperative programs with the. During trademark examination, the China Trademark Office (CTMO) does not assess the similarity of goods/services on a case-by-case basis. Instead, China operates a subclass system within each class as a convenient short-cut to determine the similarity of goods/services. Items classified into the same subclass are usually considered similar, while items classified into different subclasses.

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